Teacher Toolboxes

Finding Fossils - Digging Dinosaurs or Mini Box
YouTube video explaining the kit - by Robert Gordan (5:52)
This toolbox provides teachers with one-of-a-kind Museum casts of dinosaurs unearthed by Utah paleontologists. Learn more here.
Why is forest soil different from desert soil? What organisms are able to survive in the harsh alpine ecosystem? Learn about the processes that contribute to soil formation in Utah’s amazing landscape. 
Dozens of mounted entomological specimens to help students understand the incredible variability and beauty of insects. Learn to classify and to identify unique adaptations. Handouts
Native Utah Toolbox
It is no longer housed at SESC, you can still check out the box from the Natural History Museum of Utah
U of U Red Butte Garden         More Information 
2nd grade SEEd standards 2.2.1-3
The Polleneighbors Bin is filled with 3D printed pollen, digital microscopes, and preserved flowers and pollinators from Red Butte Garden. You and your 2nd graders will dive into plant structures, functions, and patterns alongside discussions and research on pollinators and habitats. With three lessons covering SEEd Standards 2.2.1-2.2.3,
this bin equips you with innovative resources to nurture your young scientists.
Wild Aware Utah (K-6; Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)
Wild Aware Utah- 2 kits from Hogle Zoo for checkout
3 story books, 8 furs from Utah animals Animal track rubbing plates, a bucket of replica animal scat, 4 animal skull replications, pictures of native Utah animals deer antlers, a black bear claw, a rattlesnake rattle, a USB with the lessons and information, and other miscellaneous material for activities.
Ouelessebougou Education Trunk
The Ouelessebougou Utah Alliance
Includes: items such as clothing, musical instruments, common household items, money, a flag, photos, a copy of the Ouelessebougou video, and a copy of Discover Ouelessebougou, Mali, a 124-page manual for teachers. More Information
Picturing America Poster Reproductions
Picturing America
Materials include a set of twenty large reproductions (24 x 36 in.) printed on both sides with high-quality color images, the Teachers Resource Book, and additional resources on the NEH Picturing America Web site. Teachers Resource Book (pdf)
Seasons and Phases of the Moon
There are 2 kits available for our use.
This is a simple and fun activity where students utilize models of the Sun, Earth and Moon and determine why moon phases occur.
Explore the Moon and Sun Phases. Handouts
Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
Engage students with important, relevant science content, equipment, materials, technology and resources, and inquiry based, student-centered classroom activities.