APPEL Program

SESC APPEL Program Policy:

SESC LEAs/Charter provides an Alternate Pathway to Professional Educator Licensure (APPEL) program for instructional employees. Our APPEL program is an Educator Preparation Program as defined by the Utah State Board of Education Administrative Rules  R277-303: Educator Preparation Programs.  The SESC APPEL program is approved through the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) with support from the USBE Educator Licensing Team.
Admission Requirement:
Potential APPEL Candidate may be enrolled into SESC APPEL Programs on the following criteria:
  1. Hold a bachelor’s Degree
  2. Employed at one of SESC LEAs/Charter School
  3. Be a current instructional staff member.
    1. Instruction time must be used to fulfill all requirements of the APPEL program.
APPEL Team Infrastructure:
  • Mentor Teacher
  • Administrator
  • APPEL Director
  • Licensing Coordinator
  • APPEL Candidate
The team can be adjusted from time to time to meet the APPEL Candidate’s needs. For Example, a CTE director may be included as some APPEL Candidates will be working on
CTE/other endorsements. State APPEL Specialist/Other Licensing specialists will be invited to the APPEL meetings as needed to address the specific needs (endorsements, content area,) of the APPEL Candidate.
PLP-Professional Learning Plan/Progress:
The APPEL Leadership Team will maintain an APPEL Candidates position within the program
contingent upon measurable progress through the Candidate’s Professional Learning Plan.
  • Progress will be monitored twice during the school year.
  • First, during an initial PLP Meeting or Update Consultation Meeting in September or October of each school year. 
  • Second, in an Update Consultation Meeting March or April of each school year.
  • Follow up meetings may be necessary to address questions or clarity on PLP plan progress.
  • Artifacts of evidence to support teacher licensing will be uploaded in the APPEL Candidates APPEL/PLP file by the local LEA School Administrator/Licensing Coordinator as the APPEL Candidate progresses toward licensure.
Transcript Reviews:
Upon the APPEL Candidates admission into the APPEL Program a Transcript review will take place in a reasonable time to assess potential pedagogy or content areas that may meet the required APPEL criteria. To be reviewed with the APPEL Candidate in the PLP meeting. APPEL Candidates will need to request official transcripts from the college or university programs they attended upon entry into the SESC APPEL program. Transcripts will need to be sent to USBE at ( Each APPEL Candidate will fill out a (Release of Record Form) following transcripts being sent to USBE. SESC APPEL program Director will acquire transcripts from USBE and then SESC APPEL Director/APPEL Team will have access to transcripts for the APPEL Candidates PLP plan progress and review. Unofficial transcripts can be sent from the LEA to APPEL Director to start the transcript review process.
Competency Review:
Competencies associating with (pedagogy) measuring effective or Highly Effective through an evaluation from the supervising administrator can take the place of pedagogy if the APPEL director determines competencies have been met and are congruent with the outcomes outlined in SUU Pedagogy courses. APPEL candidates working on endorsements that display or provide evidence of competencies that align with the endorsement criteria can have credit given in lieu of a course.
SESC APPEL Program will help LEA licensing coordinators work with APPEL Candidates on the following Licenses:

Overview and Summary/Timeline of Licenses:
  • LEA Specific
  • Associates
  • Professional
APPEL Program /Licensure:
Steps to LEA Specific
  • Local Board Approved Plan for Teacher LEA Specific License
  • LEA Specific Application/Letter and Plan Submitted to USBE Licensing for approval
           Steps to get Associate's License (AEL)
  • USBE Modules
  • Praxis-Elem
  • AEL Application
    Associate Endorsement
Steps to get Professional License (PEL)
  • Pedagogy
  • Disposition
  • Clinical
  • PPAT
  • Evaluations
  • Content and Methods
    Professional Endorsement

An annual orientation about the PPAT process will be given to all APPEL Candidates in the SESC service area. Much of the work/artifacts for the PPAT can also count towards clinicals as determined by the APPEL director assessing alignment with expectations in clinicals/PPAT.
Recommendation for Licensure:
APPEL Teams will hold an APPEL licensing conference when the APPEL Candidate has met all the outline goals in their PLP plan. The APPEL Team will review the PLP plan and verify the Candidate has met all requirements. The APPEL Director will accept and ratify the recommendation of the team if all criteria is complete and will draft a letter to be sent to USBE licensing recommending the teacher for licensure.