Ouelessebougou Education Trunks

The Ouelessebougou-Utah Alliance has created educational trunks including items such as clothing, musical instruments, common household items, money, a flag, photos, a copy of the Ouelessebougou video, and a copy of Discover Ouelessebougou, Mali, a 124-page manual for teachers. One of these trunks has been given to each school district's media center. For Utah teachers, you can contact your district media center to check out a trunk, free of charge. The following materials are included in each trunk:
  • Discover Ouelessebougou, Mali Education Manual 
    This 124 page manual was designed by Utah educators and is loaded with fascinating information on Mali and hands-on activities to help second graders learn more about Ouelessebougou, Mali. 
  • Ouelessebougou Video & "Ouelessebougou At A Glance"
    The Ouelessebouogu video has great visuals and background music. There is no narration, so teachers can discuss the content with students as they watch it. The video gives great "real life" examples of daily activities, and can be used in connection with trunk supplies. Ouelessebougou At A Glance is a 4-page resource summarizing background information about daily life and culture in Ouelessebougou. 
  • Photo Packet
    The packet includes 19 8" x 10" laminated color photos of life in Mali with explanations of each photo.

  • Map
  • Mali Money
  • Kolon/Kolongaln
  • Talking Drum
  • Boubou
  • Gourd Instrument
  • Well Dipper
  • Mask
  • Malian Toothbrush
  • Soap
  • Gourd Dipper
  • Doll or Toy
  • Millet
  • Jewelry
  • Mudcloth
  • Mali Flag