Box of Fossil Finds

Check out some of the Museum's latest fossil discoveries. See casts of Utah finds like the Allosaurus, Ceratops, Falcarious, T-Rex, and more.

What's in the Fossil Box?

Here is a video of the Dinosaur kit, thanks to Robert Gordon for sharing!

  • Top Layer Specimens
    • Allosaurus jaw 
    • Crocodile scute 
    • Hadrosaur toebone 
    • Falcarious hand 
    • Turtle shell (Cretaceous) 
  • Bottom Layer Specimens
    • Allosaurus finger 
    • Camarasaurus tooth 
    • Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth 
    • Utah Ceratops jaw 
    • Hadrosaur longbone with signs of predation 
  • Books
    • Bones Rock by Larsen 
    • Eyewitness Fossils 
    • Dinosaurs of Utah by Bagley 
    • Digging up Dinos by Aliki 
    • If You Are a Hunter of Fossils by Baylor and Parnall 
    • Specimen Information (articles about the different specimens) 
  • Other Resources
    • A Fossil's Journey: Utah Museum of Natural History DVD (10 minutes)