Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Utah’s Unique Environments
Engage students with important, relevant science content, equipment, materials, technology and
resources, and inquiry based, student-centered classroom activities, as well as assists teachers in
becoming knowledgeable and comfortable enough with the scientific content, lessons, materials, and
resources that they implement them in their own classes independently.
Kit similar to Loveland Living Planet Aquarium UNIQUE ENVIRONMENT WORKSHOP
  • Binder containing paper copies of all lesson plans
  • CD: contains all lesson plans, student datasheets, background materials, digital copies of plant/animal
  • pictures, & supplemental items (i.e outdoor rubic)
  • 1 plant press
  • Laminated wetland plant pictures (6 plants – 5 copies of each plant)
  • 4 tree cookies (images of additional tree cookies can be found on CD/Forest Characteristics lesson)
  • 10 hand lenses
  • 30 insect jars
  • 4 Peterson First Guides – Insects
  • 4 Peterson First Guides – Birds
  • 4 Peterson First Guides – Trees
  • 3 Cloth Supply Bags