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Who We Are
The Southeast Educational Service Center (SESC) is one of Utah’s four regional service agencies (SEDC, CUES and NUES) established to assist school districts in providing equitable and cost effective services and programs for students in rural Utah. SESC is a not-for-profit service center that supports the public education school districts and schools in Southeast Utah and exists to provide services needed and requested by the schools/districts served.

School Districts:

Charter Schools

Carbon School District Logo
Carbon School District
2022 Fall Enrollment 3,334 
Pinnacle Canyon Academy Logo
Pinnacle Canyon Academy 
2022 Fall Enrollment 408
Emery School District Logo
Emery School District
2022 Fall Enrollment 2,085
Moab Charter School Logo
Moab Charter School
2022 Fall Enrollment 62
Grand School District Logo
Grand School District
2022 Fall Enrollment 1,435
San Juan School District Log
San Juan School District
2022 Fall Enrollment 2,881