SumoBot Competition

February 12, 2020 Middle School Competition

25 Team Double Elimination Tournament
@ Huntington Elementary, Huntington, Utah
1st Place - Team Albert R. Lyman 4 (San Juan)
2nd Place - Team Albert R. Lyman 7 (San Juan)
3rd Place - Team Thunderbirds 1 (Grand)

Each team started off at check-in, their robot had to fit inside a pre-built box and then weighed.  There were different designs and some teams had to modify their robot so it would fit inside the box.  This was a first time event and it was unknown how well the robots would do.  The two circle mats you see in the picture are black with an outside white ring, there was also red writing and red starting position lines on the mats.   This proved to be somewhat tricky for some bots as their sensors would read the red and react - adjustments were quickly made by the teams.  Each round was the best 2 out of 3 format.  Some rounds went very fast while other seem to have 2 dancing robots that wouldn't quit.  If any part of a robot went of the mat that meant you lost that matchup.  The students had a great time and we look forward to doing it again in Moab on February 26th!