Navajo Mountain Robotics

Published on Mar 9, 2017 Navajo Mountain High School competes in the annual Utah FIRST Robotics Competition with high school teams from across the region This is the first time a team from the Navajo Nation Reservation has competed in the event. The journey to the competition has been a winding one, but the students are ready to compete with a robot made from scrap metal and wood.
(Naatsis’áán is the Navajo name for Navajo Mountain​)
Yá'át'ééh (Hello in Navajo)
We are Team 6546 Naatsis’áán Robotics and we need your help. After attending the First Robotics Steamworks competition in Salt Lake City, we were invited by team 3245 to compete in the Idaho Regionals. In the Idaho Regionals we finished 9th place and won the Rookie All Star Award granting us an invitation to the First Championships in Houston, Texas. 

We would like to travel to Texas to spread our story to other teams there as we did in Salt Lake City and Boise to inspire other rookie teams that anything is possible as long as you have motivation, determination and are willing to give it your all.