Overdrive Digital Library

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Education Media Center
  • We support the implemented curriculum of the schools, and districts by providing resources that will expand and enhance student learning beyond the textbook
  • We support the reading needs of all members of our learning community
  • We support the information needs of all members of our learning community
  • We serve as the information resource center for the Southeast Utah region
We are:
  • Information Resource Center
  • Instructional Delivery Center
  • Service Provider
Utah Instructional Media Consortium (UIMC)
The consortium members, 41 school distructs in Utah pool their resources to purchase high-quality media resources to support instruction, and Utah continued to support the 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. block of instructional television with some broadcast rights purchased by UIMC. The purchase made by the UIMC provide a substantial discount for the media titles provided by the district media libraries around the state. The purpose of UIMC is to support the educational needs of Utah public school students in the teaching and learning process and the Utah State Core Curriculum. UIMC acts as a recommending body to the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) and/or local school districts for previewing, selecting, purchasing, and distributing school instructional media programs.